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USA fabrikkerer en krise i Venezuela for å skape kaos og «nødvendig» intervensjon

Originalt publisert på https://steigan.no/2019/04/usa-fabrikkerer-en-krise-i-venezuela-for-a-skape-kaos-og-nodvendig-intervensjon/

Av Eva Bartlett. Eva Bartlett Venezuela er USAs nåværende mål for masse-destabilisering, i håp om å installere en marionett-regjering. I årevis har USA ført økonomisk krig mot Venezuela, blant annet gjennom sanksjoner som skal svekke landet. Noe som har hatt dramatisk effekt på statens mulighet til å kjøpe medisiner og til og med helt ordinære…


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Venezuela is definitely facing mass deaths due to starvation and more

It is obvious the American war crowd is not backing off and continues to shoot out insulators to drop power lines on the ground in Venezuela, thus causing them to fail from a “lack of maintenance” which the stupor drool crowd that is surprisingly large actually believes. China won’t back them up. Russia won’t either. Both are opportunistic crap afraid of American economic retribution, so Venezuela’s going DOWN. And it won’t end well, word on the street is that the actual public of Venezuela hates Guaido enough to endure a LOT of American caused suffering, and I mean at least 95 percent of Venezuelans blame Guaido and hate his guts. We’ll have to see where all of this goes but things do not look good at all for them now.

As it turned out in the end, Venezuela has enough coal fired power plants to solve the problem without Guri, but due to the fact that Guri was so well liked, those power plants sat idle for years without fuel. They can be re-started but U.S. sanctions have stopped Venezuela from getting the coal it needs (at least the type of coal needed) to fire them up. If Venezuela has the coal, it is likely the mining was discontinued and sanctions have stopped the purchase of mining equipment also.

Venezuela is being destroyed

There will be mass famine and a mass die off, (what can be expected in the U.S. if power was suddenly cut and never came back) the electrical crews are working overtime and someone is going around with a .50 cal constantly shooting the lines out. The crews are managing to restore power several times a day now only to get hit with a totally new and random disaster. VENEZUELA IS TOAST. The country absolutely will not survive this, the American war department absolutely will kill them off via starvation and lack of clean water, which is what will happen if there is no electricity to run the pumps, and no refrigeration or ability to preserve food, let alone to pump or refine gasoline. The only way Venezuela will make it is to get rid of Guaido, and I’m not talking detainment. This is such an obvious coup it makes me want to puke.

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All options are on the table.

Tja, jeg ser fortsatt på dette som parodien på deres MO, og ikke “the real thing”. USA har ikke en ledelse som ivaretar deres egne interesser, men Nuttyahoos.
Denne skjelinga, gjør at de går mot undergangen under full hornmusikk.
Dette er en gullgruve , direkte fra de våkne i USA:

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TruNews fra Verona:
100.000 møttes i Verona i helgen, for å feire Familien som institusjon.
20.000 (betalte?) demonstranter måtte stoppes av politi.
Ikke ett ord i Vestlige Medier.

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