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‘’The Most Dangerous Man In The World’’

FRANCE 24’s Philip Turle interviewing Andrew Fowler, the author the book

‘’The Most Dangerous Man In The World’’

The book that is the definitive account of WikiLeaks, threats against its existence and the man who is as secretive as the organisations he targets. Through interviews with Julian Assange, his inner circle and those who fell out with him, Andrew Fowler tells the story of how a man with a turbulent childhood and brilliance for computers created a phenomenon that has become a game-changer in journalism and global politics….’

In this interview Fowler states: ‘’A couple of medical doctors with the UN, has actually seen him [Julian] in Belmarsh, and they said: ‘’he is basically a psychological wreck,… he really has difficulty stringing thoughts together…’’ – ‘’That’s not the Assange I know… he seems to be in grave danger at the moment…’’

Julian Assange’s arrest ought to have aroused a veritable international OUTCRY, an outcry to set this corageous individual FREE, to rewrite laws - and UNCOMPROMISING DEMANDS of holding political leaders ACCOUNTABLEGLOBALLY - AND AT ALL TIMES!


Om det er straffbart å avsløre kriminelle, hva har vi politi for da? Det Assange gjorde var å avsløre kriminalitet på internasjonalt politisk plan. Han fortjener anerkjennelse for det og de kriminelle han avslørte fortjener straff