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Big Pharma's Covid-19 vaksine vil bli betalt med liv og milliarder av dollar

Fra The Herland Report.
Av Paul Craig Roberts, les hele innlegget her.
Modig av Herland å gjengi Roberts karakteristikker av Gates og de forskjellige tilsynene som skal regulere Big Pharma. Vaksinen kan bli farligere enn influensaviruset Covid-19 mener Roberts velbegrunnet.

“Big Pharma and its minions such as Anthony Fauci and Robert Redfield are determined to use Covid-19 to vaccinate us all at the expense our lives and pocketbooks”.

“They are using the media, grant-dependent professionals, medical journals, and the presstitute media to conduct a campaign of disinformation about an inexpensive and successful treatment in order to pave the way for a likely unsuccessful, possibly dangerous, but very profitable vaccine”.

“As Trump endorsed hydroxychloroquine, everyone who is against Trump for other reasons has picked up Big Pharma’s line as it is another avenue toward the goal of discrediting Trump”.
The fact of the matter is that medical doctors involved with Covid-19 treatment report highly successful results with hydroxychloroquine".

"The obvious disinformation campaign against successful and inexpensive treatments of Covid-19 has led many to the conclusion that the Covid-19 pandemic was pre-planned from the beginning”.

“Whether pre-planned or not, Big Pharma and Bill Gates intend to cash in big time with a Covid-19 vaccine. In effect, Big Pharma and Bill Gates and their associated scum are murderers. They are killing people with their campaign against effective and affordable treatment”.

“Peter C. Gotzsche, professor, has documented that Big Pharma’s medicines are the third largest killer after heart disease and cancer”.

“Yes, scientists will now lie for money. Universities will produce “studies” that advance the donor’s agenda”.

“We see that the EPA is in the hands of polluters, bank regulation is in the hands of bankers, telecommunication regulations 5G for example is in the hands of tech companies who stand to profit, and approval of new medicines in the hands of Big Pharma as is the curriculum in medical schools”.


Hydroxychloroquine has been used for over 70 years as a malaria drug. It’s been repurposed for COVID-19. Hydroxychloroquine is also a very inexpensive drug.


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