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An illegal, criminal – and FAILED attack

Originalt publisert på https://steigan.no/2018/04/an-illegal-criminal-and-failed-attack/

Original title: Et ulovlig, kriminelt – og mislykket angrep By Pål Steigan 2018, April US, France and Britain’s rocket attack on Syria was executed without coverage in any UN Security Council and without Syria having attacked them first. Syria is a full member of the UN and should enjoy protection of the UN Treaty. This…

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The glaringly obvious fact, that political leaders contiously are being allowed to instigate and
carry out aggression, military attacs and wars with impunity, is merely evidence of to what
degree the term democracy has been corrupted, the terms human rights and international
law has simultaneously lost it’s credibilty for what it’s worth.

“There is no flag is large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people”

  • Howard Zinn